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What's new

Australian Curriculum Mobile Edition released

The draft Australian Curriculum for K10 years for English, Mathematics, Science and History is now available as an iPhone application. Further information on the curriculum is available from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Students' understanding of technical systems falling: expert

Clint Steele, a senior lecturer in engineering design at Swinburne University of Technology, has called for more coverage of technology in the school curriculum to compensate for falling levels of knowledge, experience and interest in technical systems. He notes that children have less exposure to technology as cars and home and garden appliances become less open to amateur repair. See article in The Sydney Morning Herald 26 August 2010.

STEM teachers warn of falls in student numeracy

Teachers taking science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects believe the standard of students' numeracy is falling, according to a survey commissioned by the Technology Industry Association. See article in The Advertiser (AdelaideNow) 23 August 2010.

Science expert writes on forthcoming national curriculum

Emeritus Professor Denis Goodrum has described issues facing the forthcoming national science curriculum in an article in The Advertiser (AdelaideNow) 24 August 2010.

New measures for safety and security in Tasmanian schools

Tasmania's Minister for Education and Skills, Lin Thorp, has announced funding over four years to help schools combat bullying, including cyber bullying, and to employ extra school psychologists. See Minister's statement 21 August 2010.

Further discussion of reforms to senior secondary education in Tasmania

A podcast 19 August 2010 on ABC Radio National's EdPod program has examined possible approaches to the next phase of reforms to senior secondary education in Tasmania.

NT revising its approach to teacher recruitment for remote communities

Education officials in the Northern Territory are revising their approach to the recruitment of interstate teachers to be placed in remote communities. See article in The Age 23 August 2010.

Old and new media used to teach current affairs

An article in The Sydney Morning Herald 23 August 2010 describes the impact of the new media on coverage of current news issues in the classroom.

Concerns over national senior education certificate

An article in The Advertiser (AdelaideNow) 17 August 2010 describes some leading educators' reservations about the need for a national senior certificate in Australia.