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Early Learning Languages Australia trial commences

This year, preschool or kindergarten children at 41 centres are trialling the online language learning program Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA). Language learning software will be used to introduce the children to Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Indonesian, French and Arabic. The trial program will be independently evaluated after one year. See report on ABC News 21 March 2015.

Let's Count program for disadvantaged preschoolers 'dramatically improves maths skills'

An evaluation has endorsed the value of the Let's Count program, which aims to develop the mathematical skills of disadvantaged children aged three to five. See report on ABC News 18 March 2015.

Intellectually gifted students 'often have learning disabilities'

US research has found that 14% of gifted students also have a learning diability. See article in The Conversation 25 March 2015.

School leaders: how to talk 'so teachers actually listen'

An article on the SmartBlog on Education 17 March 2015 considers 'the subtle and not-so-subtle ways' in which school leaders may communicate with teachers.

Audit of non-government schools in Queensland finds evidence of over-funding

A report by the Queensland Audit Office has found that some non-government schools have received more than their entitled share of public funding, based on inflated student figures. See article in the Courier Mail 27 March and statement from Independent Schools Queensland 26 March 2005.

Concern over impact of private-public partnership scheme for Queensland schools

A public-private partnership scheme to build 10 schools southeast Queensland 'will strip funding from the rest of the state and increase class sizes', according to an article in the Courier Mail 25 March 2015.

New report raises concerns over distribution of school funding in Victoria

A new report argues that the school funding model in Victoria is not providing adequately for disadvantaged students. See article in The Age 24 March 2015.

Entries invited for Australian and New Zealand Internet Awards

Organisations and individuals are invited to submit entries to the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards. Winners receive recognition as industry leaders that have set new standards for making the Internet a more inclusive, accessible and safe place. Entries close 15 May 2015.

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